I Can't Help It, I Have to Brag a Little!

At the end of January, 2016, I was putting together a Valentine's promotion for my store. I was busy buying pieces to round out those I already had for sale when I was contacted by the "Blogging Fairy." After we discussed a particular piece of jewelry she liked, she offered me the opportunity to be featured in her February blog. Did I say yes? You bet I did and I am so proud of the final product that I can't stand it. I gathered all the pieces to be included and spent days researching and photographing them. Once I was finished, I turned everything over to the "Blogging Fairy" for her edits and publication. Her final product was amazing. In 2017, we did it again with even more success. And the story goes on! We worked on another promotion for Easter. I followed the same procedure and once again we had a winner. If you have a comment or a question regarding my promotions, please don't hesitate to write to me. Who knows, maybe we can come up with a promotion idea for you!

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